Liquid Face Lifting Serum 50ml


An instant firming serum that helps to tighten, lift, smooth and improve elasticity of all ageing skin types. Potent anti-ageing ingredients which assist with promoting collagen synthesis.

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 The LIQUID FACE LIFTING SERUM with MOIST 24 is an instant firming serum that helps to tighten and improve elasticity of all ageing skin types. It assists by reducing the appearance of the sagging skin by promoting collagen synthesis. This daily serum is a cocktail of potent anti-ageing ingredients that provide instant firmness with the associated lifting and smoothing effect which is both felt and clearly visible. This serum is the ideal addition to a daily skin care routine and addresses the complex ageing issues of mature skin types.  

DIRECTIONS: Apply three to four pump measures to face, neck and around eye area after cleansing. Distribute evenly using fingers.  A warming or tingeling sensation may result.  Follow with your prefered HANNON Moisturiser.  Rinse with clean water should direct contact with eyes occur. 

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