Vitamin E Eye Creme 15ml


This eye cream is ideal to soften existing fine lines around the eyes and to prevent further premature ageing. Skin firming and hydrating. Helps to reduce sagging of skin and dark spots.

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 The Vitamin E Eye Creme is ideal for anyone who wants to soften existing fine lines around the eyes and who wants to prevent further premature ageing of the eye area. Skin around the eye area is very thin, therefore vulnerable to moisture loss and loss in elasticity. The VITAMIN-E EYE CRÈME with MOIST 24 is a state-of-the-art anti-ageing eye cream that immediately hydrates and firms up the skin surrounding the eyes by creating a protective film over this area. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant which will help with the reduction of dark spots around the eyes. Eye area looks more revitalized. It is everything you need in an eye product. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply around eye area, smoothing in and working outward from inner corner of eye.

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